First Time?

Not been in counselling or psychotherapy before?

Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for help from people you know. After all, they may have their own problems or they might be affected by the same situation that is troubling you. Or it might disturb them to know how bad things are for you. Often it can seem better to keep your troubles to yourself.

Coming to counselling or psychotherapy gives you an opportunity to talk to someone who is separate to your circle of friends, family and work colleagues. You can speak in confidence to someone who is trained to listen to you and support you in finding a way through your difficulties.

How does it work?

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. During that time you do most of the talking and I do most of the listening and responding. Sessions take place regularly each week which helps to build and develop a strong working partnership.

Although people commonly start with an expectation that they are consulting an expert who has all the answers, they soon discover that the true power of the process lies in them finding their own answers to their problems with the support and guidance of the counsellor or psychotherapist who calls on their experience and expertise.

How to choose the right counsellor or psychotherapist?

It is worth confirming that a counsellor or psychotherapist is registered with a recognised professional body, such as BACP or UKCP or others. This demonstrates that they have had a certain level of training and experience.

Once you have satisfied yourself that a counsellor or psychotherapist has sufficient professional standing, your choice comes down to personal preference. It can be worthwhile to speak to or meet several counsellors or psychotherapists before deciding who to work with. Each will have their own way of working, influenced by different types of training that place priority on different aspects of the work. However, research shows that what matters most is the quality of the working relationship between you and your counsellor or psychotherapist and that theoretical differences are less significant.

Feel free to contact me if you want some further guidance.